Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vannin 24/7

I can't think of my life without my van now, what the hell did I do when I didn't have it? Here's just some random van stuff I did this week

Saturday: Went for a Burger and Beer with Craig On Sat. to talk about the moon show coming up and his future flares and side pipes

Saturday: I followed him so he followed me. A cool '68 crusing around Whittier

Saturday: Went to the VAN SHOW after, I mean ECOLOGY to go look for some captains chairs, no luck but some cool vans.

Sunday: Went to the LB cycle swap hung out with some van creeps and got to see there badass new vans.

Tuesday: Just being shady, oh and got some tacos with Oscar talked about getting his van polished.

Wednesday: woke up super early to take Oscars van to get polished, The poor 3 little mexicans worked from 8-4, but what a job looks brand new, ViVa La OsCar'


  1. Awesome post Andrew... I love seeing the day-to-day nonsense of livin' it! And Oscar's rig is looking killer, damn.
    I hear ya about life before van, no life at all if you ask me.
    Keep On brother!