Sunday, January 30, 2011

Council of Councils Van Show

These guy's have all been huge supporters of ours and of vanning in general since vanning started in the seventies. I went to this show a few years back and it was cool to meet vanners from who came out from all over the country. This is NOT a yearly event so don't miss it! Show your support and check out the van show on Sat. the 19th. Apparently, they are giving away a set of the boards I did for Utility board supply which came out great if I do say so myself. Maybe I'll win 'em heh heh heh!


  1. there is stuff goin on all week up till the show.jkyd trip sunday George Barris shop tour Thurs.Hooters Fri night,dances Fri&Sat night goin to the donut shop in HB sat EARLY Sat mornin ect.ect.ect..give a call BajaCharlie (714)357-8409 or check out

  2. Thanks Jay, we hope to see all the Vandoleros there ! Utility is coming to the show with some of those boards you did. We have a few other give aways and tricks up our sleeves. We're expecting Octopus' Garden to be there, Coby says he wants to bring VANGO but his star is shining very bright these days, I hope there's no scheduling conflicts as everyone wants that amazing van at their shows now.