Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Club Rules!!!

Sorry Damion for posting the same pics but just in case any knuckle heads don't go to "no one rides for free" I figured I'd post the pics too.
I'm so glad to have you both in our club it gets me all tingly inside!
Damions new ride and lanes new tattoo. Lane, You need to post pics of your new ride as well!!!
Damion, Damian, I never know if I'm spelling it right.


  1. I forget I can post pics...ill get a few rounded up and post em!

  2. Awesome J! I should really post here more. I thought about putting Lanus' sweet tatty here, since there's a lot of other types of art here and a lot of the other club guys are art fags too. :0 and in my field I don't get to do much in the way of "Van" art. I really wanted to color his tattoo blue, but then there's that whole blue econo thing :), so we went with green.
    Oh and it's "on", you got it right. I think the "an" spelling is reserved for basketball players only.

  3. I agree with Dr j. You guys are badass. Sick new van and badass tattoo! You guys need to come down soon.

  4. Are you guys done strokin' each other off already? I hope you know there is only 337 more days til the next Council of Councils!