Monday, August 8, 2011

Long Beach Sunday

This was one of the best LB swaps I've been to. Found shit load of van mags and cool Roth David Mann original prints.

Showed Up kinda early, Bryce was already in the Swap with his Dodo Van selling some stuff while CraigR showed up in his 40 Ford.

Nice Dodge selling some junk.

Jason doin the famous J Cruz pose. Craig sneakin a peek of Nao's super clean interior.

The clouds where gone and the roofs where open. Off to go get some hotdogs and beer.

Nao managed to once again find some dirty magazines. These playboys even had binders. He planning on choppin the AMF!

I came across a shit load of Van mags, Jason and I where racing each other to grab, only spent $30 on a huge stack. Then got some cool ass original Roth David Man prints!!! New material for the blog.

All in all good day. And if your wondering Yes Oscar is the guy on the sticker!

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