Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hat's off to Tommy Turtle AKA Magic Carpet!

Hey Jay:  My buddy Willy in Maryland met a old vanner at a show awhile back. His name is Tom. He was actually one of the people in the Van People book in the 70's. He sold his van years ago but wants to get back into it. These are from 1975-1976. He was in the  Long Island Van Enthusiasts. He went by, Tommy Turtle, CB handle Magic Carpet. Some cool stuff, Enjoy, Scott


  1. The "Night Stalker" Van !!!! I remember seeing that Van at the Sunrise Mall in Massapequa , LI. That's the van I always remember when I tell people about seeing vans in the 70's as a kid, and the one which made me want to get a custom van as an adult. Great find !

  2. Hi guys. i am the "Space Odyssey" and was in L.I.V.E. in the 70's with Tommy Turtle, Bobby NightStalker, and many others. Tommy is still a great friend to me. We vannned all over the place! I was on the front cover of the book "Van People". Great memories!!!!