Sunday, October 17, 2010

Van Creeps Van-IN

The Van Creeps show was great, it was the one of the best shows I'ver ever been to. I took all my pictures kinda early and missied alot of cool van shots, I'm sure pictures are going to pop up everywhere anyways. Thanks again to Chase and all the Van Creeps.

On the freeways vanin to the creeps

waiting to cruz out to the show.

One of my favorite vans at the show.

Dice van always looks cool, cool chooper sittin next to it.

Very clean

I was truly space truckin at this point

Love shack

Those are some flares

Everything about this van was perfect

Too cool for words

Charlie from Wheels of confusion had some cool van stuff for sale. How could you not buy a sticker

Nao didnt like the smell of the other vanners.

Dave's van always looking cool

A early shot glad I took, it ended up getting so packed you everyone got blocked in.

Joes cool van is for sale

Double scooped hood

Really cool interior

Cool working pipes

Vans Creeps had some cool parts for sale I got the floor mat.

This guy just wouldnt get out of the way.


  1. The wiffy and I had had an absolute blast!!
    This was our 1st Van event and was blown away by everything that pulled in. Chase, awesome show!
    The Cormans Perfect. (I love my goody bag)
    THis was one of the rare times my wife has actually had fun hanging around with me and a bunch of hoodlums.
    Oh! and thanks to the chick that was carting around the hotdogs.


  2. Any more interior pics of the gold+green ford?