Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to shut down a Friday Art Show Thread

I'm beyond excited to finally be able to post my latest. My good friend Erik over at Fuct and I have wanted to collaborate for years. Probably gonna bum some people out with this one but that's their problem. Shirts will be available in a couple weeks through Chase and Scotty originally posed for this but I wasn't able to make the images work.
Oh Yeah,
I posted this piece on the H.A.M.B. and got the whole thread shut down over the controversy. Sorry to the other guy's who posted this week.


  1. That thing is awesome J, great work! And way to go shutting down the Art Show. ;)

  2. Looks great jay! If people don't like the way it looks they can look the other way. - matchstick

  3. That thing rules! lol, amazing.

  4. Fuck,I remember you getting shit on JJ too,WTF!
    J Cruz art work is the bees knees peroid