Monday, February 21, 2011

Vanned to the max this weekend.

Cool weekend, got to go to a van show hang out with the Kidnapperz and finished off with a Vandolero meeting at the Pike on Sunday.

SATURDAY MORING: Had to wake up SUPER early for the show at 9am and leave late around 11. Before we left we had to FUEL UP.

Real vanners drink cheap beer. What else could we get we spent all our money on the vans?

It was cool meeting Vandido Robert. I got to talk to him about what vanning was really about, drinking beer and crusing Whittier blvd. Coming soon I'll be postin some pictures from Roberts album after we meet up.

Craig and Pat just passin time.

Vandolero Oscar and Bryce, next to The Corman himself Nick, who some how managed to burnout when he left with a broken trans. BADASS

Craig - Jason - and I. Yes we have a banner thanks to Bryce.

This was my favorite van at the show it had a clean look about it.

KIDNAPPERS/ VAN CREEPS: Always rollin deep in there Vans, Look around for them on video burning out when they left. Scotty had some cool stuff for sale and the other half to my bar.

This looked like my first love, brings back some good time memory's.

Octopus's Garden, Van Go, and Super clean flammed Dodge where the cleanist vans of the show.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON: Hangin in the van drinking taking pictures of people taking pictures.

Nao " Hey everybody... this is the guy."

SATURDAY NIGHT ALMOST: Leaving the show for some grub, good thing it only rained after the show

SUNDAY AFTERNOON: 70 Degrees, clean roads, perfect sun, and the vans where running perfect. Couldn't have asked for anything more.

SUNDAY: Had a meeting at the Pike, thanks to another weekend of vans and beers.



  1. Hello! It is home for me, cool.
    Just watching pictures, excited Chaimasu
    Cool! Great!

  2. Thanks to all the Vandoleros who came to the show Saturday.
    Someone told me had it been a sunny forecast we could have had 100 vans there. I hope you guys can help make that happen in the next year or so.
    The van scene in your area is on fire many thanks to you guys, keep that fire burnin' !

  3. ya those 3 were the cleanest there for sure

  4. It was great to meet some of the Vandoleros. Had a great time at CofC. Hope you guys can come to the charity car show Inland Vans is putting on.
    Vanishing Breed

  5. Hey the one thats your fave has jcruz' old wheels on it.and I was wonderin if you guys got to meet that Vandido guy

  6. Ya we met banana Robert he was a cool dude.