Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Camping Born Free Weekend

Camped all weekend for Born Free, good times. Sorry for all I couldn't get a hold of no reception there then once I got it my damn phone died. I still managed to run into JcRuZ nAo and CraiGr. I didn't take any photos at the show cause my phone died but I found this video on youtube incase you missed it.

I honestly slept better than my own room in here.

Getting rocks kicked at my teeth on the way to Born Free

Luckly I managed to walk all weekend with my stupid cast boot.

My friend Ben and his 'Stabbin' Cabin. Ben somehow managed to to turn our trip into the top chef. Thanks for the food man.

Just in case you don't know The 'Stabbin" Cabin notice the Harley mud flaps and Little drunk dude with his pride hangin out.

Born Free Slide Show

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