Monday, June 6, 2011

Street Scene (Utah)

This god-damned thing has been lurking in my very own neighborhood, not even maybe 4 blocks from me! And it's been there longer than I've been living here. Weird, I pride myself as one of those guys that knows where everything is at... seriously, everything, but somehow this has eluded me until a couple weeks ago. There was some construction on the main road so I took a detour, and it's a road I'm sure I've been down before. Maybe the sun was just right or something but it hit me this time like a 2 ton heavy thing. Of course I immediately turned around and did the cold-call thing, which usually totally creeps people out by-the-way. But I'm super glad I stopped! I met the original owner/designer of it, a really nice lady named Toni (hope I spelled that right). She said she saw me pull up across the street in my '72 and said, "Oh, I know that van isn't stopping here!" I think she was a little worried at first but as soon as we started talking vans she warmed right up. She had the work done by a shop but she chose and purchased all the accessories and decided on the look she wanted. She has had it since the 70's and drove the hell out of it, I think she even said she lived in it a couple times for a bit when she was younger. I asked her if she was interested in selling it, (how could I not ask?) but she actually wants to get it back on the road for herself. So cool. I told her I'd be happy to help in any way I can and left her a Vando's card with my name and number. I hope you call Toni, it was awesome to meet you. That beauty needs to be back on the road!

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