Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another Vantastic Day

After breaking my vent on friday I went to the junk yard today and scored on a Venturi Elixir Vent. I always wanted one of these, and it was in great shape. Here is some pictures of my day.

The new vent is in with rubber weather strip and some new screws. Now time to decided on putting on the roof rack???

Here's the vent I pulled It works perfect and cleaned up like new. So happy I only paid $20 for it.

This cool shirt was inside a 1967 Dodge 4wd lifted window van.

A cool 3rd Gen Econoline. Notice the 15 x 10 Daisy Mags.

When I pulled up at Ecology I saw this super clean Van. To bad I couldn't find the owner. It was maroon had a white vent and cool slot mags.


  1. did you grab those wheels? what about the window louvres?

  2. I didn't grab any of those items. I got no use for the rims, and i don't know if the louvers will fit on a second gen van. But if anyone wants them there at Ecology Santa Fe Springs the van is against the fense.