Saturday, September 11, 2010

Before Buying My Ford Part 2...

I had seen and test driven this rad Blue 74 Econoline 2 years prior and it was my phones screen saver for those two years. It ran great and needed interior. I don't have pics of it then but it looked the same. I still had my dodge and wasn't seriously looking. I still needed to sell my dodge and buy my house before buying my dream van.
I didn't recognize it when I saw it on my lunch break from West Coast 2 years later. I went back to the shop and took pics of it leaving a polite note asking the seller who wasn't there if he would sell it. I left it with the dude at the counter who didn't speak english so I thought I would never see it again. The guy called me back after about a day and said he wasn't selling it but saw my site and after reading my note and was willing to part for $6000. He held onto that fucker for me for 9 months while I talked Janel into letting me buy it. I had to be sure it was the right one so I kept looking while her and I negotiated. That's when I almost bought this...

It was gorgeous on the outside and a mess on the inside. The engine ran horribly and it needed a lot of work that I wasn't sure I'd be able to do on my budget. I didn't trust the seller and the Blue one I really wanted was still waiting for me in better condition and a trustworthy seller. The seats in my Blue van are the ones I bought to put in this van. 
Tom Chronister from Wheels of Confusion ended up buying it and it turned out to only be a minor engine problem. Tom turned this thing into an award winning van and its now one of the nicest in Southern Ca. 

I bought the Blue Econo a month later and have had no problems yet 

(except for lack of funds).
This is a pic from my lunch break that fateful day. Funny how life works part 3.

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  1. I saw that Silverado van on the 605 heading north about a week ago. Talk about a flashback. I didn't know people were still building show vans. It was a pretty sweet looking ride.