Saturday, September 11, 2010

Before buying my Ford...

I looked at quite a few vans before finding my Ford at a repair shop across the street from work. Some good, some not. Here is a lengthy breakdown of how it went.
I saw this van and dreamt of owning one just like it. I even asked him to sell it but was laughed at. Little did I know, I'd find almost an exact duplicate a year and a half later. Funny how life works part 1.
Too much to invest.

Close but 6cl turned me off.I saw that a friend of Chase owns it now and it looks similar to my photoshop version of how I wanted to build it.

This little beauty was straight as an arrow and abandoned right by my house. I left a note asking to sell it and a month later it turned up in a local junk yard. I was crushed and so was the rad van. Not before a buddy pulled the flares and two years later gave them to me during my desperate search for thin non-integral flares. Funny how life works part 2.

Some crazy ex-con who got popped for auto theft was junking this one and I was considering it but it was junkie and all I really wanted was the hood with a scoop which he sold me for $100 bucks to pay his palole officer that night. True story. I picked up the hood with a screw driver in my pocket to stab the fucker if he tried to rip me off. Van was also crushed but I was not. Score 1 ultra rare scooped hood. Now I just need a van.

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