Monday, July 2, 2012

Born Free 4

This weekend Born Free 4 was mind-blowing, and riding there through the canyons was truly surreal. But the true fun was camping with all the Vandolero brothers. I got to finally meet our Utah chapter and can honestly say those are some of the greatest dudes I've ever partied with. They made a three day haul without missing a beat. Thanks again to our newest member Ben aka Stabbin Cabin for the majestic food and hospitality ("HELICOPTER!"). And for everyone else who partied and got wasted. Here's some pictures I took this week, sorry some where with my phone and I just had way to much fun to take more or care.

These are not members but some cool vans I saw this weekend.

 This van had even me a little scared. And I like that.

Don't Care, but if you did you wouldn't need to do a thing.

This master piece was inside Born Free. If the owner can read please contact us.

These where our friendly neighbors.

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  1. The Death Dealer van is owned by Jen from Bandit Brand, I believe she bought it from Jesse James.