Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Born Free Part 2

Man, I don't even know where to start. We had such an amazing weekend partying and camping and the show etc. Ben is really the man for getting everything together and I can't thank him enough. He made so much amazing food and is such a great dude to have around I'm so proud to have him as part of the club. I just can't say enough good things about him and everyone who came out. Everyone from Utah coming out really made us feel whole again as a club and I wish I could move to Utah just to be around them more. Dan Collins and Jeff Holt were there as well but weren't able to get together outside of the show. It's always great to see them. Matt unfortunately is in Europe with the van so we missed having him around. It's been a busy and loose knit year for us and I think the van community has lost some faith in us as a club, but this weekend really got us back on track and our bond as friends and club mates is as tight as ever.
As far as the show, I was super stoked to meet Joseph Tyrone Collins from Wheels of Confusion http://wheels-of-confusion.com/. Cool dude! Matt Grayson stopped by for awhile as well and his new van mag is gonna be ripping! We'll be touching on that topic real soon. I was also stoked to have finally met Todd Asin form Small city Cycles http://smallcitycyclesstore.com/, Lucas Joiner from Factory Metal Works http://www.thefactorymetalworks.com/, bike artist Gorgeous George http://www.gorgeousgeorgeart.com/, Matt and Aileen from Throttle Merchants http://throttlemerchantsphoto.blogspot.com/, Jordan from The Horse Magazine and so many other great people. My head is still reeling from everything and I know I'm forgetting a bunch of people. There were tons of vans around the area for the show which was awesome to see. Fuck the car guys who don't dig the van scene, it's alive and well with bikers.
I wish I took more pics but I suck at photography and get real lazy when it comes to taking pics. Andrew nailed it though and obviously has a killer eye for composition in his photos. Thanks so much for everyone who supported the club over the weekend. I can't wait to see Ben's pics so stay tuned boppers!


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