Saturday, September 8, 2012

Show Schedule

First and foremost The Vandoleros Van Club wants to thank all who were involved in helping us put together our show!  From the bands to the vendors, to the attendees, to the members! THANK YOU!  I've put together a schedule of how we think the days going to go;

8:00am- Show starts and people will be let in. Remember it's free!

8:10am- Raffle tickets will be on sale!  Buy a ticket, get a free beer!  21 and over please!

8:30am- Dj's start playing.

10:00am- Food will be available.

12:30pm- First band starts,
                "SUNBLAST THE SHADOWS"

1:15pm- Second band starts,
              "PLAGUE VENDOR"

2:00pm- Third bands starts,
              "THEE CORMANS"

2:30pm- Raffle winners!  

3:00pm-5:00pm- PARTY!


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