Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Street Scene

Found a few more vans this week passing out flyers.

This Dodge was amazing. It is sad to see it going to waste. I want it!

Mural is just visible.

I can just make out a devil and a butt on this one. I'm sure this van has seen a lot of both.

The original owner I was told road a lot of dirt bikes. It had a Yamaha sticker on the window.

Everyone keeps telling me about this van in Whittier, thankfully my bro got a picture of it. Vangina?

Cool Dodge on Whittier Blvd.

Sorry it's blurry, I was driving. East LA van.

This Econoline was so straight. It is now used to help sell clothes on a corner in East LA

If this Econoline had 15 X 10 Westerns it would be killer, and I'm sure it did. We need one of these in our club.

This was a clean truck I found in ELA. 
PS- There will be a truck like this at our show for sale so bring cash!


  1. I asked the guy who runs the auto shop to see if his friend who owns that dodge with the mural would sell it but no call back. Pretty sure it has fire damage on the inside if I remember.

  2. Just got word, 1000$ for the dodge van with the faded murals. said it runs good. I have all the contact info if anyone is interested. He's not willing to part it out tho.

  3. Great post Andrew! I'm actually going to the Dodge Mission in TX to look at some vintage vans with my family. Thank you for sharing this with us!