Friday, April 27, 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Van Rendering

Just finally finished this up today for James Yocum out in North Carolina. Great guy! Thanks James.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vandoleros Round Up Long Beach Swap Sunday

This Sunday headin out to Long Beach Car Swap. Hope to see some Vandoleros there. We can talk about our BORN FREE CAMP OUT! And hopefully plan our next gather and not get drunk and foget about it like the last 3 times.

Here's to a Endless Summer

The Captains's Cabin

Lil' Blue '62

Weekend Wonder

Super Loose

Massage Parlor

Some Google Dodges

Found these on Google images.

The Stabbin Cabin ... on Wheels

Stabbin cabin Ben has stated a NEW blog you can check it out here

Ben's been a friend for a long time and has amazing metal fab skill. Hes got just about one of everything and is always down to party. You can catch his van all around Whittier full of people any given day. Check out his blog.

A night in the club GeTtInG DrUnK watching Ben work.

Just met James he's got a badass chop and just moved to Whittier

Ben's went from hartail to soft. most people go the other way. The Econoline in the back I will post up sometime, it is a buddy's and its super clean disc front brakes and a super clean motor.

Dont Forget to check out the Stabbin Cabin or else!!! Dr Jay gonna get ya!


I need a venturi vent or just the lid. Mine is starting to break it is still decent but If anyone has got one for sale or sees one please let me know