Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bakersfield in da hizza!

Zombies van is looking bad ass! We'll all be rolling out to Bakersfield next weekend for the drags. Cant wait to hang with the new Bakersfield chapter.

Cool breeze pic!

Zach Laughridge was cool enough to send me this pic of Cool Breeze after my post awhile back. It looks so different with the updated accessories on it. Here is how Zach got the pic.

"It's a picture I took of an old pic over this past weekend at the King City show. The man who owned the albums of pics was named " Banana", he had tons of bad ass old vanning photos but didn't know any particulars on Cool Breeze. It was the only photo in all 3 albums of the van and it made me remember your post. Hope it helps."
Thanks again man!

If anyone else finds more pics, please send them on over.