Thursday, September 25, 2014

CuP TrAy and DeStRoY

From the slums of Los Angeles to the beautiful skies of Whittier.  To the forgettable fog that travels through golden gate bridge of San Francisco. From route 66 to rocky skyline of the Utah mountains.  The Vandoleros Van Club have gone a trip.  Forever gone.  Creatively escaped this world before anyone could stop it.  Challenging authority and all of those who aren’t on the level.  making a bed on the road and making a bed into our work.  Our passion our brotherhood, our work, our lives, our club.  Within the thickness of our love comes support and within that support comes our work!  As a certified nut and Vandolero Van club member i’m extremely thrilled to be able to post along side of my brothers.  enjoy my work and you decide to purchase any of it you can reach me at

Monday, September 8, 2014

Van life

Vannin San Francisco.
 Photo/Brian Pritchard