Thursday, September 20, 2012

Karavan catalog on ebay $$$$$$$

Wish this wasn't so expensive!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vandoleros Van In, Turn On and Chop Out!

The alarm sounded off at 4:00 am Sunday morning.  I quickly got dressed.  Vandoleros member shirt, blue jeans, old pair of leather shoes from who knows where and Cycles Zombies trucker cap I got from Scotty in Arizona.  I jumped in the Stabbin' Cabin and off I went!  Vandolero Damion and Craig had stayed in there vans in front of the shop and I was eager to wake them, brew some coffee and start the show!  I hardly slept the night before but I was so pumped to see our vans parked side by side that I felt no pain.  The show was a huge success!  The swap meet was going off with deals, the chopper corral was packed and the van parking was like scene straight out of 1975!  If you missed the show, well then you missed one of "BEST VAN AND CHOPPER SHOW" of the year!  All you can do now is look through our pictures and wish you had made it!


The Coming Of The Plague (Vendor)

Thee Cormans

Show pics...

 "The 2 Eddie's" & friends..

 Damion's bitchin' "Good Times" van, all the way from Ogden, Utah!
 Part of the Vandoleros line up
 Andreas & his Lady showed up in this clean mid Dodge
 Nuff said...
 'Thee Cormans' showed up to sell some stuff then rock the party
 Had to park these guys with the vendors, couldn't fit 'em all in the bike corral
Vandoleros bikes - Now JCruz better post some pics so he can win his daughter back!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Win this baby!

All of us from the Vandoleros van club would like to thank all of you guys who made it out to the show yesterday!  We think everyone had fun?  Well, everyone but the people that bought raffle tickets all day and didn't win a shirt!  We were a little wasted and sleep deprived at the time of the raffle! So we all put our genius minds together and decided to give you guys another chance.  So for the first 10 people to mail us their raffle tickets and a pre-paid self addressed envelope we'll send you a supporter shirt of your size!  Grand prize winner wins J Cruz's Daughter! She's a good worker and loves doing dishes and mowing lawns! She only needs a couple apples a day for food!
"What is that you say?"  "Oh, you threw your raffle tickets away huh?" No problem, we thought about that too!  Email us a picture you took from the show OR your ugly mug in a picture at the show and you'll get a shirt!  THANKS SO MUCH!    

Send ur Pre-paid envelope to; 11723 Washington Blvd Whittier CA, 90604
Email me at;
We will announce when the 10 are sent.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Day In A Life Of....

I knew I would be a wreck the closer the show got.   I woke up at 4:28 this morning, brewed some coffee,  jumped in the shower, poured some coffee, sat on couch and realized it was to early to wash my VAN!  Our own little section of heaven is becoming busy and nerve wrecking.  As I sunk deeper into the cushions of my couch I planned out my day;

1- Wash van
2- Bolt bumper back on
3-  Polish slot mags
4- Instruct delivery driver where to set the Porto-Potties
5- Organize 312 beers and 312 bottle waters
6- Help Vandolero Pat with the traffic cones
7- Unload Dj equipment
8- Meet with Robert and set up P.A. system
9- Sound check
10- Lunch and beers
11- Layout tapes lines for vendor spots
12- slips my mind

Having the first real VAN & CHOPPER SHOW on historical Washington Blvd for most of us is a dream come true.  Being able to cruise our Vans and Choppers on the same streets that our predecessors did in days of ol' is truly rewriting subculture history!  All of the Vandoleros are extremely grateful to all the people that stepped up and offered their services for the cause!  We THANK YOU and PARTY ON!  SEE YOU ALL TOMORROW!

Show Schedule

First and foremost The Vandoleros Van Club wants to thank all who were involved in helping us put together our show!  From the bands to the vendors, to the attendees, to the members! THANK YOU!  I've put together a schedule of how we think the days going to go;

8:00am- Show starts and people will be let in. Remember it's free!

8:10am- Raffle tickets will be on sale!  Buy a ticket, get a free beer!  21 and over please!

8:30am- Dj's start playing.

10:00am- Food will be available.

12:30pm- First band starts,
                "SUNBLAST THE SHADOWS"

1:15pm- Second band starts,
              "PLAGUE VENDOR"

2:00pm- Third bands starts,
              "THEE CORMANS"

2:30pm- Raffle winners!  

3:00pm-5:00pm- PARTY!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Alexandre Diaz 75 Bedford

Alex from South France sent me a video of his van, he was emailing me about getting a shirt and told me he has a 1975 Bedford name Leonard.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Support Your Loco Vandoleros

Thanks to bro for coming through on the shirts and Jason for the great 
design. We will have these shirts and stickers at the show and if you wish us to ship you one contact me at with you address so I can give you price and shipping quote.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Street Scene

Found a few more vans this week passing out flyers.

This Dodge was amazing. It is sad to see it going to waste. I want it!

Mural is just visible.

I can just make out a devil and a butt on this one. I'm sure this van has seen a lot of both.

The original owner I was told road a lot of dirt bikes. It had a Yamaha sticker on the window.

Everyone keeps telling me about this van in Whittier, thankfully my bro got a picture of it. Vangina?

Cool Dodge on Whittier Blvd.

Sorry it's blurry, I was driving. East LA van.

This Econoline was so straight. It is now used to help sell clothes on a corner in East LA

If this Econoline had 15 X 10 Westerns it would be killer, and I'm sure it did. We need one of these in our club.

This was a clean truck I found in ELA. 
PS- There will be a truck like this at our show for sale so bring cash!

Monday, September 3, 2012

From the road...

Been ages since I posted on here, here's a few shots from on the road - first is Bryce on the way home from our picnic last June, next is a cool 'SS 350' Chevy shorty near Yorba Linda, and last, some random from the web.