Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Vandolero Meeting At Swap

Or just another excuse to get out and drink! Here's some shots sorry I was drunk by the time stabbin cabin showed up so didn't take a picture of his van but I know he took some shots at the bar.

Irish Pub and Thai Massage, what more could a van ask for?

Actin Shady

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cycle Swap This Sunday Vandolero Meeting After

Some of us going to Cycle swap Sunday Then gonna head to the bar close to swap after. Come down.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

HOW TO: With Our Newest Member.

I am proud to say we have a new member. My brother Art (Jooge) finally got his van. He's had it for only a couple weeks and has put over 500 miles on it! In this one picture tutorial we show you how to make your van look even better. 

Here is a shot the day he got the van. It was made by SELECT VANS in the 70's and only had 37,000 miles on it. Molded in flares, painted slot mags to match the van. Jooge wanted the big back window for his kids that enjoy the van more then he does.

The van is cool but something is missing... spoiler and some lights. Thanks to Damion for the spoiler, we got it all mocked up.

Now where Truckin! Gonna paint the spoiler today.

This van is loaded with all the goodies and with the disc brakes and power steering feels like a new car.

The roof is a mix of a movie theater 1982 and a alligator 

Cleaned up nicely

Junk Yard Score

My brother and I went to junk yard yesterday for a visor and we scored on some cool windows! Sadly no visor, SO IF ANYONE HAS A DODGE VISOR FOR SALE LET ME KNOW.

Street Scene

This month has been a all Dodge month for me. Here are some Vans out and about.

Found this Dodge hiding in a trailer park.

I think this guy works in the car wash close to me. Killer van.

My Uncle is selling this van runs great registered till next year. Just needs the brakes gone through, and there is some rust on rear door and roof. Some slot mags and you got yourself a killer van email me info info andrewlw@msn.com

NOT MY PIC my brother just sent me this on a tex so not really street scene. But I wish it was.

OK... not a van but honestly this is bad ass reminds me of the old Big Foot

The Bad News Bears In Breaking Training

Funny Movie Cool Van


Hey just in case you never check out our links don't forget to check out the Vanpires link. There are some great videos on there click here to check it out.


Saturday, July 14, 2012