Monday, May 9, 2011

Fun at Lane's

Lane swapped out the /6 in his '80 for a 27k original mile 360 motor and trans from the '75 Vanbulance. He did it almost completely by his damned self... and he only dropped the trans on his head twice!
Big huge mess and his neighbors probably hate him but it was a success.
Glad he's on our team.



  1. Thats bad ass Lane. Have you driven it yet? Man the vista window is crazy I've never seen one like that. You gonna change rear end?
    Killer TRIKE! Almost thought I was lookin in a 70's mag for a minute.

    You guys coming down for born free?

  2. I drove it today and a little yesterday, what a difference! Im gonna leave all the stock axles and shit in there untill it breaks! I'm not going to make born free this year :(

  3. Thats cool man did the drive shaft bolt up? Damn well if you do decide to Born free it I m gettin some campin spots close by you guys are more then welcome BBQ BEER and FIRE