Monday, May 16, 2011

Green tint magic.

Here is a few teaser pics of the van.  I really wanted the windows tinted. Too much bright light for me. Plus a good reason to remove the old fake etched glass water slide decals. I have never been a fan of colored tint but only on the right cars. Usually old gasser drag cars etc. But I figured with all the green on this thing and I didn't want to hide the curtains and I didn't want a big black rectangle on the side door. I am real happy so far. Raining here so I only got the side door and rear doors done.  From inside sitting on the fur covered bed with those furry pillows it feels like you are looking out of the I Dream of Jeanie bottle.  Hope to get the front doors done later this week. If I get tired of it I can just peel it back off.  Scott

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