Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Where has the time gone?

Damn to think it's been about a year of vannin for the Vandoleros. Well summer is here and time to party. This is a roll call for all you Vandoleros to step it up including myself. Been busy workin on a bike for born free, but now I'm back on the van, even got a chance to spray my hood (well with a spray can) but it will do for now.

Talked to Jason and this month we are gonna have a BBQ or something. Hopefully we could get another cruise goin with the Vanpires or something.

Born Free is June 25th And hopefully Im gettin some camping spots my buddy Ben and I are tryin to work it out right now but would be a cool time to camp drink beer and talk shit to each other. Let me know if you wanna go.

Don't forget to be a vanner, get drunk, drive, slap a old lady, wake up somewhere random, and get arrested with your vandolero shirt on!


  1. Oh, and I was just starting to like the two-tone hood... :\

  2. hell jea ! im pushin to finish the 66 club wagon,so far so good so what

  3. kampin huh hit me up sounds interestin'