Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Street Scene

My brother and I always spot vans and try to take shots of them and find out the story's. heres a few recent ones. Don't forget to post your local street scene.

A new buddy of mine just got this super clean early for only $1000!!! Runs registered and the works. It was found in East LA, with the old owner smoking pot in it, think his wife made him sell it. He plans on building it for his lady. I just hope he runs some super wide true spokes sides pipes paints it red and calls it fair lady.

Another super nice early Ford spoted at the last Long Beach Cycle swap. Nice green colors with a perfect straight body. And yes sometimes it does rain in California.

Another Cool van spotted at Cycle swap. This 2nd gen Chev. had a nice look to it. Love those BF goodrich Radial TA's. Notice the windows have been welded up in the rear.

This van was spoted on Norwalk and washington at subway, It was super clean no dents or rust, with baby moons. The guy didn't wanna sell Naao sorry. If this guy polised the yellow this van could be gold.

Not a huge fan of this van BUT the dude has it all painted like spiderman lol even has spider man hanging off the back ladder. I finally got a picture of this at Pepboys the other day. Sadly I feel I might someday see this one on the news.

Don't know to much about this one, my brother saw it in downtown LA and shot this. I like the windows and painted Cragars.I'm sure this van had its day.

Another van found by my brother in Downtown LA. In fashion district. He see's it alot. I really like this van from the windows to the deep front slot mags. The mural is just the cherry on top.

I always see this guy in Whittier, he live's in the trailer park close to my work, but could never get a good picture. Its really clean has slot mags side pipes double pop sunroof bubble window and CB. Before I got my van I was gonna try to buy this one.

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