Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Utah's Street Scene

Great idea Andrew, I'll play!

Out to pasture: This Chev is from the guy's yard that I bought the trike from recently. It has some really great stuff on it, but for the most part it's done for. It was dude's dad's back in the day. Unfortunately due to a leaky roof vent, it's rusting away to almost nothing in the lower sections. (be sure to fix them leaks kiddies, it's super easy and will save your rig for future generations to laugh at).

For a long time this Ford has been parked in a corner of a motox track. About a month ago it disappeared.

This Chev has been around my home town for as long as I can remember. It has changed hands a few times but is still on the road and looking solid.

Another local, this Dodge is immaculate. A bit redneck for sure but still amazing.

This guy emailed me this pic a while back, he's from down south of me somewhere, I forget. Awesome fishbowl though!(And dude if you see this, email me again, I'm a douche and lost your address before I had a chance to get back at ya).

Junkyard Dodge. This was in the "complete" sales section of a northern yard, haven't been back for a while, not sure if it sold or they ended up just throwing it to the lobos. It was cool though for what it was.

Cherry early that Lane spotted in SLC somewhere. I think he used his super secret bow-tie spy camera to take the picture without being detected.

Kick ass mid-econo Pathfinder conversion down in St. George. I want it hard.

And this super nice but WAY overpriced Street Van was in the classifieds a little bit ago. Wonder what is going to happen to it?

Utah's got nothin' on CA's scene but there's a few around. (this is probably all of them though)


  1. Damn if that guy ever wants to sell those Chevy bow ties get them Vandolero Craig needs them. Love the interior on the ram van. How much was that street van?

  2. love the paint scheme of that wht/gold chev

  3. Don't let a leaky roof vent and rusted floor stop you from your dream van. I replaced my entire floor because of the same reason.

  4. Just moved my '74 Shorty to Salt Lake. Guess it hasn't been spotted yet...