Sunday, May 29, 2011

Still Vannin with a BrOkEn leg.

Sorry I haven't posted in a couple week, I got in to some troubles with my leg here. Remember when I posted to be a vanner and get drunk slap a old lady and stuff? Well I was bein a vanner and well lets just say Koas broke my febulia and ankle. Well at least now I have a reason to take these pills!

The first night was the worst, it honestly felt like someone was hittin my ankle with a hammer the whole night.

Doctor:"remember don't drive with leg like this or on meds." I was already back in my van the next day, you have to chop off both legs to get me off the road.

I had to get 7 screws and 2 plates in my leg! Doctor say's its healin good but whats up with that middle screw? I bet that was the practice try.

Well I only got 2-3 more weeks wearin this thing, hey but it ain't stoppin me as a matter of fact today we are goin down to the captains helm show.


  1. Vanpires wish you a speedy yet sedated recovery! I bet the carpeting in your van feels nice on your swollen piggies.

  2. Damn A, you gotta tuff-up son! ;)
    Are you wearing leather bermuda shorts in that one pic? that's so weird....
    Hope you're back at 100 soon man.

  3. Yeah, we missed you but saw you jammin' up the carpool lane in the other direction. Next time we won't be late!