Saturday, June 12, 2010

Inside the box


  1. Hey guys,
    finally someone started a blog about early VANS,
    I`m allready Your biggest fan, looks nice fo` real.
    If You`re lookin for nomads from other then the
    US of A , I`m Your man , Guzzmen that is :)
    Keep on VANNIN .

    Cheers Guzzmen

  2. Bitchin' Blog!! I really appreciate old vans even though I have a 2007 Chevy Express, you gotta check out my friends blog,, Chase ' blog is pretty damn rad! I think he's turned me into a Vanosexual!!!

  3. The 3 pic down is my dad's van circa '78-79. the round bed was set up with an ac motor under it and it revolved.

    Sadly the van is no longer in this condition, but I have a new '77 that is receiving the custom treatment.