Monday, July 19, 2010

Mooneyes 2010 WE GOT IN!!!

Man it was pretty stressfull trying to get into a pre 65 show with 70's vans. We are'nt exactly what most people think when it comes to traditional customs. The guy at the gate said the same thing we hear all the time, "My dad had one of those, go on in". Matt and Dean were pretty busy working the booth. I ended up leaving a little early because it was stupid hot. We had 3 vans originally until Bryce from "County of Angels" clothing joined the club and moved his van over to where we were. I met Craig from "Limeworks" who is also a brand new member and rad guy. Coby from "Church" also formally accepted our invitation to join the club. We had a blast and now know we will be allowed in to future Mooneyes events regardless of years allowed. Look for more of us there in December!.

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  1. HaHa, I felt the same way rolling into Beatnik Blowout! Good show man! Good show!