Sunday, October 17, 2010

Early So Cal Van Club

Never before seen pictures discovered. I ran into a friend the other day and he invited me to his house to get some van mags and check out his dad's old van club pictures. I couldnt bring my camara so I just took them with my phone sorry for the quality. There are some cool shots and his dad had some super cool vans! FOR ALL THE PHOTOS CHECK OUT THE SLIDE SHOW

I tried to call but numbers no good, 1970!

What a picture

A true 14" SLOT MAG, now thats a rim!

A cool dash plaque

Oh, and he also had a KoOl CHoPpeR


  1. Damn dude!
    Those are awesome!
    OH wait... I'm not supposed to be doing any van stuff today!
    Gotta run!

  2. July 20th of 2013, 8:30 am at Am Pm in Whittier on Lambert n Greenleaf, 2 blocks from where I was born n raised, ineI had the privelage of catching up whith 3 awesome members, the yellow Econoline, another in a yellowish brown n of course my favorite the "WHITE 73' DODGE SHORTY!!" Good luck at the show n thanx again for bringn back the memories. "KEEP ON KEEPING ON"