Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vandolero Weekend

We have all been kinda busy, but it was cool this week to kinda see everyone.

Saw Dr. Bryce last Sat. when he delivered my new NOS pass. mirror.
Then got to hang out with Nao and Oscar this saturday, Dodge guys.

Ended the week going to Long Beach Swap with Pat and Craig. I missed Alex's bar but was cool to roll down to Jason's house after to discuss hot dogs.

Nao making a mess on my yard.

Mocked out Nao's brand new flares with some duck tape, his van looks so badass with these. Notice the vents in the spoiler have been blocked off.

Cool old race cart jacket, notice the cool Chevy its on with the 5 spokes and Thrush pipes

Craig had his spring break hat on.

Honestly the only thing we almost got at the swap

This Boy has pride

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