Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New member ...same van!

I've been lagging on this post for about a month now.
I'm proud to say that Jeff Holt from Street Chopper Magazine has joined our club of fucktards. If the van looks familiar it's because it used to belong to Jason Craze who was one of the first people I asked to be in the club. Jason sold it to travel around the country in a big rig selling his swag and cycle parts. Jeff contacted me about a project and when I saw that he had bought Jason's van, I just about peed my pants. I'm super stoked to have Jeff in the club and look forward to seeing him at our events. Be sure to check out his van blog as well.

He's got big plans for this thing!
There is a link on the side bar.


  1. Hell yea! Stoked to hear this... welcome aboard Jeff! I was wondering where that van ended up, glad it's in good hands.

  2. Welcome to the club! I don't post or even comment much, but I'm the other Utard.............

  3. Welcome to the club man. Lookin foward to hangin out. Let me know if you need any parts