Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mural ideas

Donny and I seem to share the same brain. Over the past year while researching space art for my van mural I've become seriously inspired and have started painting space scenes with my airbrush. Once I get good at it I'll post, but for now just enjoy the inspiration. Donny has some serious shit on the horizon for us van lovers. Keep checking back!


  1. Somebody said to me the other day that I should paint a mural on the side of my van. I said murals are gay... unless it's a space scene... crazy man.

  2. Bitchin'!! Trying to figure ideas for mine (It'll get painted one day) diggin' these murals! - Got any More? Nah, I'm not gonna steal your idea - At the risk of Damian thinkin' I'm gay, I won't be a space scene on mine!