Thursday, March 22, 2012


NO POSTS? Sorry everyone I have been super busy but am back now. Fuck what a crazy month I have had. It is ironic but I went to stabin cabins house to party couple weeks ago and while I was there not DrInkIn N dRiViN for once... I get hit and run by a drunk driver!!! The van was knocked out man, axle completly snaped the wheel off and bent spring... man was I bummed but not for long I went to the junk yard got a axle bigger brakes and had the spring straightend. Lucky for me no body damage and the rim was cool just needed new tire and I already got the replacement flare. So the very next Saturday night I was back on the road only this time driving (drunk). The chop is also a good runner now with New carbs and charging!

I promise to post more, We all need to hang out soon This weekend is Garage Co. and next week Dice Party see ya there. By the way lost old phone so I need most of your numbers again give me a call Nao bryce Oscar!



  1. Daaaamnnn! Glad you're alright and back otr man.
    The '72 has been down for a month and a half now... electrical shit, it needs pretty much a whole new harness. I have one but haven't bothered to put it in since it's getting a 360 real soon, I'll do it then. Need a bit more nut to pull the big-ass trailer with the trike on it down to Born Free this year. We're coming down for sure!!

  2. Hell ya man Are you camping also cause we are gonna camp out again so let me know. Im just gonna load my bike in the van and a keg or two...

  3. We're camping for sure! Just haven't reserved the spot yet. Probably should do that pronto. I just hadn't touched bases with anyone about where to do it. Do you have a good spot? There will be 4 or 5 of us coming down, the van, 4 bikes and the trailer, (hopefully) with the trike on it.
    It would be awesome if you could help me out with where we need to reserve!