Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Washington Blvd. Street Tour

I can't wait for the show, and in case your wondering about the location don't worry it's in a great spot. Washington Blvd. was the place to be back in the 70's, and luckily there is still some of the great spots still around. Here are some great spots to check out after the show, all are about 2 minutes away.

Steak Corral
This is a great spot to just park in front and get a great shot. And the Steak is unreal.

Embers Bar
This bar is truly a hidden diamond, its been around since the 60's and don't think much has changed. It started as a beatnik bar then turned into a biker bar in the 70's. It's famous for the devil paintings that have been there since the 60's inside.

Chris & Pitt's
I don't really have to say much, I'm sure you have all eaten here at some point. But in 1974 West Coast Vans had there show here. One day I hope to steal some wood paneling and a seat from here for my van.

Poor Denny's Saloon
Another great spot like the Embers as a matter of fact it is owned by the same guy. Great nautical paintings and theme inside.

The Stein
There's not much I can say about this spot because I'll probably get in trouble. If you are in the shady party mood after swing by The Stein. Yeah there's Spanish music but I'm sure that will be the last thing on your mind. COLD BEER, POOL & GIRLS.

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