Friday, November 9, 2012

Hot Rod Reunion

Time.  As defined in "The American Heritage" dictionary is "A nonspatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession".  
     If you've ever had the time or the loss of then you know how uncontrollable and unmanageable it can be.  Moments can get lost in time and our Bakersfield run to hot rod reunion was just that!  It started off with a series of events that set the mood for the next three days! From Jay's van blowing a fuel line, to Andrew losing his headlights down the grape vine.  It seemed to take us hours to get to Bakersfield.  Arriving to Bakersfield or "BACO" I soon learned, was a little accomplishment.  After shredding my tires for an hour or so I was relieved I hadn't had a blow out on the grapevine.  We passed out hugs to our brothers Zombie and Brandon and dove right into the twelve pack of beers they had chilled for us. 
The plan was..."Ok,  we'll drink a couple beers, relax and head over to the track". 
 Plan B..."Ok we'll  take a few shots and pound our last beer".
Plan C..."You put this oil on your weed man and it...wooo". 
Plan D..."Let's get the F@#K out of here before the cops come"!
The rest of the weekend had been lost in a black hole, deep, deep, in all of our minds.  It took a long discussion of who got naked, who's balls were showing, and who smelled the worst to relive our trip.
Time.  You can't go back. You can't stop it and you definitely can't control it.  But there's one thing you can do...and that's take advantage! 


  1. Oh-My-God... That pic of Zombie has to be one of the greatest Vannin pics of all time! Amazing post all-around Andrew

  2. I only took pics, Ben aka stabbin cabin told the tale. I'm just really happy we have pics to remember this all really happened!

  3. had a good time brutha. cant wait for the next vandolero outing...


  4. Ha, I was thinking it sounded like Ben talking!