Sunday, October 13, 2013

We Lost A friend Last Sunday

Fabian Bolivar Feb. 9th, 1967 - Oct. 6th, 2013.

His friend wrote;
Fabian was a great friend, great rider, and better father! He will be missed by all who got a chance to meet him, even more by the family an friends who loved him. Taken away from us way to early! May God Bless his soul!  

Sometime around 4 pm, the accident happened about forty feet from the entrance to the show. His throttle got stuck and he was unable to avoid a collision. None of us saw what happened but to hear the news left us all in shock and made our hearts sink thinking of the family and friends that would be effected. 

I haven't been sure how to write about the loss of Fabian because it was such a tragic thing to have happen during such a memorable day. I know this is a very sensitive time for all who knew him and our hearts go out to his friends and family. I'm not sure when we'll post pictures of the show, we want to be respectful to the friends and family who loved him. I hope that when we do post about the show, it won't seem thoughtless or disrespectful. Instead, I hope it will reflect his experience at our event that day and some of the good times he may have had with us.

To Fabian's friends and family; we are very sorry for your enormous loss and I just hope that when he pulled away from our show on that last ride of his, he was leaving with joy and happiness. I hope we showed him a good fucking time.

The Vandoleros


  1. Sucks to hear that, My condolences to all who knew him. I my self left pretty hammered on my shovel that day, but still remember having the best time. He left this party only to join an even bigger one, Keep on partying wherever you are Brother!

  2. Thank you for this tribute. Fabian was my husband, and I know he had a great time at your show.