Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Damion and Lane

These crazy fuckers drove all the way from Utah only to miss the show by an hour. They were building the amazing interior on the way to the show. WHILE DRIVING!!!

The hippy is Damion and the skin head is Lane. The fat guy is yours truly.
Janel kept telling them how much nicer their Dodge was than my Dodge. God, I look like a fucking dwarf!
I felt bad for them so I let them in the club. I don't even think Lane has a van.

Just kidding.

No I'm not.

Or am I?
I think he sold his van to buy a Fiero and start his own club.


  1. That roadtrip alone is worth a membership. Shows the right attitude. Very welcome!

  2. Are the seats stock in that van or were they from something else?