Sunday, November 21, 2010

Vandamonium A Kolor Me Kustom

Owned and built by Vini Bergeman of Anaheim California. Painted by Joe Layden of Kolor me kustoms. This is one of the coolest dodge's, it was built only for show use and went thru like 4 different changes I laid out the pictures in the years. I think it looked coolest in the middle stage. In the last photos it has a 1976 Monaco Dodge front end inserted, butterfly doors, and alot of wild body work. Sadly in the final pictures you can see the roof cracking, paint fading, and maybe seeing its last show days.

Well thanks to all the great extra pictures and info on it turns out SADLY THE VAN BURNED UP IN 1981 DUE TO A COCKPIT FIRE, BUMMER!

Below is one of the last pictures of the van courtesy of Virtual from

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  1. Vandemonium is still the best of the best. The van that started it all. Never was a better, more innovative mind for Vans & Kustoms in general than Vinnie. His combination of ideas and design elements were groundbreaking and still are being copied by the vehicle industry worldwide, in so many ways.