Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Been digging..

..around ebay and amazon etc for old Van books. I came up with a few I didn't have yet, most were only a couple o' dollars.
This is a gem, although it has only a few pages in kolor.

"Vanner's How-to guide to murals, painting and pinstriping."
It covers the very basics so the info is not of much use to me but there are a few vans in there I hadn't seen before. Like this fine example of murals inside panels:
We must do more paint schemes with pearl white, people!

And then there's this So-Cal-style specimen. The style is known for little or no body mods (only fender flares or front airdam), uncluttered paint schemes and of course the Van's name on the side panel.
And then "Masterpiece".
Original kolor scheme and a nice scoop on top!

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