Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Norwegian Van Update


 I just looked at your post on Vandoleros from Sunday, November 28, 2010 about the custom painted Dodge van.
The pictures are from a old Norwegian car magazine, that still are going strong. www.amcar.no.
The Van still looks like in the pictures, it`s been in my area sins the early 80`s. 
It was customized in Canada in 1976, by Ivan Benic, www.ivanbenic.com
He painted the van on a car show in front of the public.
Maybe I can find som more original photos of this and other old cuztom vans here in Norway.
I finally got myself a Old School Short van earlyer this year also. 1975 Chevy.
Found som pictures I took in 05/06.

Stian Julieboe

PS. Love your work, Great Stuff!!!

Thanks Stian, Very much appreciated!!! Look for a post soon about Ivan Benic's van murals!


  1. You can find more photos and vids of this van on my youtube channel. my chanel on youtube is thecruiser2010 . It has most things automotive on it from the mid seventies to what I am doing today . If you like it pass the vids around and please comment . All vanners are welcome to my facebook . Email me at ivanbenic@yahoo.com

    Ivan benic

  2. Very interesting and nice painting!! :)
    It looks whole and in good shape, so I just can imagine how much fun and enjoy you must be having! ;) Soon im gonna get one , myself, I think! :) Nice ride to the Country festival in Seljord every year! ;)

  3. real nice painting and colours!! :) Love it! :)

  4. thanks Elene . I love colors and myself I cant believe how nice they stayed 35 years later. I hope the new stuff I.m using will last as long as well

  5. well the van above is in a USACARS magazine Norway again ... It is part of a feature article on me this month